TESTIS (arterial and nerve supply)

TESTIS (arterial and nerve supply):-


-The testis is the male gonad.It is homologous with the ovary of the female.It is suspended in the scrotum by the spermatic cord.It lies obliquely,so that its upper pole is tilted forwards and medially.The left testis is slightly lower than the right.The testis is oval in shape,and is compressed from side to side.It is 3.75 cm long,2.5 cm broad from before backward,and 1.8 cm thick from side to side.An adult testis weight 10 to 15 gm.


-The testicular artery is a branch of the abdominal aorta given off at the level of vertebra L2.It descends on the posterior abdominal wall to reach the deep inguinal ring where it enters the spermatic cord.At the posterior border of the testis.It divides into branches.Some small branches enter the posterior border,while large branches:medial and leteral.pierce the tunica albuginea and run on the surface of the testis to ramify in the tunica vasculosa.


-The testis is supplied by sympathetic nerves arising from segment T10 of the spinal cord.They pass through the renal and aortic plexuses.The nerves are both afferent for testicular sensation and efferent to the blood vessels(vasomotor).

TESTIS (arterial and nerve supply):

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