Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment

Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment

What is Bell`s palsy.

Bell`s palsy is the weakness or paralysis of one side of the face due to injury or dysfunction of 7th cranial nerve.the symptomes which we are found in bell`s palsy are loss of sensation ,droop of eyelid,eye brow down,patients is not able to speak ,eat ,drink and sometimes visual abnormality also found in Bell`s palsy


-The causes of bell`s palsy are unknown but in some cases we found that viral infection like viral meningitis or virus herpes simplex  can affect cranial nerves.Some traumatic injury to head or face also be the causes for bell`s palsy.Infection in ear also  affect the conduction velocity of face.



  • Muscle weakness left side of face
  • Forehead wrinkles disappear
  • Inability to Blink or close eye
  • Difficult to speak and eat
  • Drooling
  • Swelling on face
  • Facial expressions weak
  • Loss of sense of taste on the front two-thirds of the tongue.


1)-Resolving the inflammation:- If the patient comes immediately following the onset of paralysis,then he may be treated with either SWD or IR to increase the circulation in the stylomastoid foraman so that the inflammation can be resolved.

2)-Maintenance of muscle properties:- This can be achieved with interrupted galvanic stimulation to the paralyzed muscles.

3)-Facial massage:-Massage is essential to maintain the circulation to the face as well as to keep the face supple.The dirction of the manipulation used should be in  upward direction and not downward direction as downward movements tends to stretch the paralyzed muscles more and have deleterious efect.

4)-Taping or splinting:-These methods are used to decrease the facial asymmetry noticed in bells palsy.

5)-Eye care:-The patients may be instructed to wear protective goggles to prevent entry of foreign bodies into his eyes.

6)-Continuous monitoring:-The patients recovery status sholud be reviewed consistently.

7)-Faradic reeducation:-Only if the patient can tolerate sensory stimulus of faradic current to the face,faradic reeducation is given.

8)-Strenthening exercise:-Once the facial muscles reach grade 3 .

Bell`s palsy assessment for Physiotherapist

Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment:

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