Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment

Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment

-Bell`s palsy can be defind as the sudden paralysis of the muscles on  one side of the face.The causes is unknown,but the paralysis is presumed to be due to swelling of the facial nerve.

-Bell`s palsy is one of the most common neurologic disorder affecting the cranical nerves (7th).



-A viral infection such as viral meningitis or the common cold sore virus-herpes simplex.

-Bacterial infection such as lyme disease or typhoid fever.

-Infection of the ear.

-Herpes zoster infection.

-Upper respiratory tact infection.


-Traumatic injury to the head and face.

-Water retention in pregnancy.


-Paralysis or weekness on one side of face.

-Fore head is without furrowing.

-The eye cant fully close.

-Headacke or drooling.

-Loss of sense of taste on the front two-thirds of the tongue.


1)-Resolving the inflammation:- If the patient comes immediately following the onset of paralysis,then he may be treated with either SWD or IR to increase the circulation in the stylomastoid foraman so that the inflammation can be resolved.

2)-Maintenance of muscle peoperties:- This can be achieved with interrupted galvanic stimulation to the paralyzed muscles.

3)-Facial massage:-Massage is essential to maintain the circulation to the face as well as to keep the face supple.The dirction of the manipulation used should be in  upward direction and not downward direction as downward movements tends to stretch the paralyzed muscles more and have deleterious efect.

4)-Taping or splinting:-These methods are used to decrease the facial asymmetry noticed in bells palsy.

5)-Eye care:-The patients may be instructed to wear parotective goggles to prevent entry of foreign bodies into his eyes.

6)-Continuous monitoring:-The patients recovery status sholud be reviewed consistently.

7)-Faradic reeducation:-Only if the patient can tolerate sensory stimulus of faradic current to the face,faradic reeducation is given.

8)-Strenthening exercise:-Once the facial muscles reach grade 3 .

Bell`s palsy (facial palsy), physical therapy treatment:

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